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Teacher Education


Course Offerings

  • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in
    • Biological Science
    • English
    • Filipino
    • Math
    • Social Studies
    • Values Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
    • General Education
    • Pre-school Education

The graduate of Teacher Education Program must be committed and would be able to:

  • practice the professional and ethical requirements of the teaching profession as a Christian educator imbued with the values of faith, excellence and service with a genuine concern of the growth and formulation of his/her students;
  • manifest the harmonious development of his/her powers and capacities – spiritual, mental, physical, social and emotional – and take every opportunity to continue this professional professional growth and development to better fulfill his/her mission as a teacher;
  • facilitate the teaching-learning process with dedication, competence and compassion, based on a deep and principled  understanding of the diverse types of learners, learning environment, learning processes and the implications of these processes to larger historical, social, cultural and political contexts;
  • be creative and innovative in a wide range of process skills (including curriculum development, lesson planning, materials development, educational assessment and teaching approaches) and evaluate the effectiveness of such approaches in improving student learning;
  • communicate effective in both written and oral forms;
  • conduct researches and utilize findings to improve instructional processes;
  • make sound decisions and formulate relevant and innovative contributions n the community.

Career Opportunities

  • Teacher
  • Tutor
  • Researcher
  • Seminar Trainor/Facilitator/Speaker
  • Textbook Writer
  • Module Writer
  • Instructional Materials Developer/Consultant


Program Dean: Dr. Victoria Estroga

Full Time Faculty

  • BARCELONA, Kriscentti Exzur P.
  • BETITA, Edorni V. (Dr.)
  • CARDENAS, Rosemary A.
  • GANAS, Rhea Mae T.
  • MAGADAN, Marilou L.
  • MENDOZA, Revina O. (Dr.)
  • NAPIERE, Miguela B. (Dr.)
  • SUAN, Alexander F. (Dr.)
  • TEMPORADA, Nora Cecilia R.
  • ZARAGOZA, Sarah Jane M.





  1. Tokmul Yurie says:

    Wow, bagong website ahhh! very nice… bt sana may pix sa bawat activity ng skul! hehehe

  2. Tokmul Yurie says:

    im looking forward for that… thank you! =D

  3. Clent Daryl Balaba says:

    At first, I see teaching profession as really tiresome and not interesting. But when I entered the world of teaching profession, “Nge” I uttered, “lisod man diay kaayo tapos dili sayon ma maestro!” haha..My first option was actually to become a doctor or a nurse. My father wanted me to become an engineer. My mom wanted me to become a psychologist. But my grandmother (my mom’s mother) wanted me to become a PRIEST . I am still in the process of discernment. But i want to become a PRIEST really. I need to finish my course first before entering the seminary life.


    Proudly Lourdesian Teacher!

  4. Sarah Jane Balangiao says:

    I love teaching because in that way I will feel and experience that I have a brother and sister though I don’t have .. that’s why I took up BEEd major in PRESCHOOL.. though , they are ‘pasaway’ yet enjoy . the most important thing that I love to teach preschoolers because its easy for me to coax them .. hehe ..

  5. Niña Sinogaya says:

    I miss Lourdes College… especially the program TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAM and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY…

    i love being a LOURDESIAN… 🙂

  6. Sarah Jane Balangiao says:

    oh ninzky ! we miss you also , why don’t you go back here ? don’t you know that one of our best friend is already here but , he took up hrm .. aha aha !! :-p

  7. Sarane Balangiao says:

    laag nlang sa intramurals ninz ..

  8. Angelita Butra Klecka says:

    Graduate ako sa BSEED in the year 1971, can you provide us with the names and address of my classmates. I am here in Sealy, TX, USA. thanks for the favor.

    • anthzila says:

      Hi, its good to know a Lourdesian like you who is now successful abroad. We will send you the names and addresses as soon as possible. As of now we are still on the process of retrieving the records.

  9. Lorena Ticong says:

    Hi,I’m currently working as a teaching assistant here in the Emirates.I am interested on taking my masters in Early Childhood Development(but I am a development Communication graduate)so I planned on going back to the Philippines in July.I would appreciate it if you could provide me informations on what I needed to submit so I could enrol.And would it be possible for me to start it in the 2nd semester?Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. marie grace rayos says:

    can i ask (just paste it here in reply) a prospectus of Secondary Education major field: English. ?

    • Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona says:

      Praised be Jesus and Mary! For the prospectus of BSED Major in English, you may download it from the school’s website account. Please find the “downloads” menu in the left side of the site. Thank you!

  11. jhaycee ocampo says:

    may i ask po how much ang per unit sa education?

  12. Alyssa Louise Pacturan says:

    may i ask kung ano po ba ang uniform sa college student sa LC?? 🙂

    • Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona says:

      Praised be Jesus and Mary! The uniform of the college department is white blouse and pink skirt. For more details of the design, we encourage you to visit the Dean of Student Affairs office (DSA). Thank you very much!

  13. kareen Cabaneros says:

    I am a graduate of LC and currently i am working here in the middle east but wanted to know is Ms. Edmilao is still working in LC? she was our DEAN before….

    • Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona says:

      Praised be Jesus and Mary!

      We wish to inform you that Ms. Grezelda Edmilao, the former dean of Teacher Education, is no longer connected with Lourdes College. Thank you very much!

  14. dawn bangoy says:

    I would like to ask if there is Prof. Ed. is offered? If yes, what are the class schedules. Thank you and God bless!

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