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Social Work


Course Offering

  • Bachelor of Science in Social Work

Specifically, a Social Work graduate must be able to demonstrate competence in:

  • problem solving, matching needs and resources, evaluation and termination of services rendered and documentation;
  • critical thinking and analysis of the root causes of the problems of the Filipino people;
  • demonstrating the ability to use appropriate information from a variety of sources in problem-solving
  • communicating one’s ideas effectively;
  • working with individuals, small groups and other diverse groups specially those served by social services related agencies;
  • applying social work techniques and strategies such as needs assessment facilitation, resource mobilization, documentation and communication;
  • demonstrating deeper understanding of the nature of social work profession, its values, philosophy and ethics; and
  • living the Marian Ignacian values especially the love for others as shown in one’s willingness to serve the under privileged and the marginalized sector society.

Career Opportunities:

  • Child, family and school social workers
  • Medical and public health social workers
  • Mental health and substance abuse social workers
  • Social Work Administrators
  • Researcher
  • Planner


Program Chair: Nel K. Labrador, MSW

  • Sheena Pabilona, MSW
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