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Senior High Students elect new Leaders

The SHS Student Government Officers (Photo by: Alden Zambrano - SHS Photographer)

The SHS Student Government Officers (Photo by: Alden Zambrano – SHS Photographer)

In the height of the new K-12 Curriculum, Lourdes College provided a new sense of leadership, the first Senior High Student Government

Last June 28, 2017, a Miting de Avance was held for the running candidates to present their different platforms as well as their plans. Three running parties vied for the different positions, they were YES GAW (Youth leaders Empowering Students: Great Actions Win!), the SANDIGAN Party and lastly, the SAGADA Party.

The week after, on July 5, 2017, held the election. The process followed a computer automated programs to obtain higher accuracy. The said program was developed by the IT students of the College Department. Mr. Johnbert Estroga, the Coordinator of ICT supervised the activity along with a number of teachers.

The week after, July 14, 2017, Dr. Revina O. Mendoza, the school’s Dean of Student Affairs, announced the results of the long awaited elections after the flag ceremony.

The following are the elected Senior High Student Government:

President:                                          Famela Clarice P. Paghasian

Vice President:                                 Eric Vincent C. Dotarot

Secretary:                                          Mary Margareth E. Gonzales

Treasurer:                                          Maria Vianney V. Loquias

Auditor:                                              Jovee Marie S. de Asis

P.I.O.:                                                 Richaxane Paul G. Guibone

STEM Representative:                    Bianca L. Gabatino

HUMSS Representative:                Viance Thomas B. Pabayo

ABM Representative:                      Thessa Luv B. Santiago

TVL Representative:                        Vic James G. Macandili


This band of student leaders will serve as the servants of the senior high students. “They are here not in front of you to be served but to serve the needs of all” according to Dr. Medoza.

The newly offices got where they are right now not because of their connections or popularity, but because of the way they express themselves as student leaders during the Miting de Avance. The majority of the population of the students know all the candidates so the fact that charisma and expressed platform of government would affect is a great game changer.

Congratulations and good luck to the elected officers!

(Adonis Karl Z. Sorreño – Senior High Blue Sash Correspondent)

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