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Course Offering:

  • Bachelor of  Science in Nursing

Graduates of the Nursing program are expected to:

  • manifest Christian caring behavior with compassion, commitment, competence, confidence and moral conscience;
  • practice ethico-moral, legal, social responsibilities and accountabilities in caring for individual, family and community;
  • conduct and utilize research to promote excellence in the practice of nursing profession;
  • integrate critical and creative thinking in the practice of nursing in any given situation;
  • perform refined skills with adequate knowledge and positive attitudes for the promotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health and alleviation of suffering;
  • communicate effectively with people of diverse cultures and perspectives across borders;
  • facilitate the preparation of clients to face death with dignity and peace with our Creator; and
  • undertake personal and professional advancement attuned to current local and global concerns.

Career Opportunities

  • Institutional Or Hospital Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Private Duty Nursing
  • Industrial Or Occupational Nursing
  • Military Nursing
  • Flight Nursing Or Aerospace Nursing
  • School Nursing
  • Clinic Nursing
  • Independent Nursing Practice
  • Pharmaceutical Representatives
  • Nursing Education


Program Dean: S. Ma. Anita Tomas, RVM


  • Ms. Maribelle G. Acac – Level II & III Coordinator
  • Ms. Gloria M. Cunanan – Level  IV Coordinator
  • Dr. Elizabeth C. Lagrito
  • Ms. Bonita B. Manguilimotan – PNSA Coordinator
  • Ms. Chris R. Balbuena
  • Ms. Marie Alexandrine R. Baldia
  • Ms. Irene Dagondon
  • Ms. Leah C. Dychauco
  • Ms. Rudi Ann Buay
  • Ms. Tricia C. Damasco
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