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Course Offering

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Students who successfully complete the BS-IT degree, will be able to:

  • possess a foundation of technical skills needed to begin a career in the area of information technology; or be able to apply the knowledge gained in the program to advance or secure a higher level position, if already in the field
  • collect, organize, and modify information to reflect and address the organizational needs and workplace environment
  • demonstrate familiarity with current information technologies and tools
  • make critical decisions to provide solutions for organizational requirements with respect to hardware, software, communication, planning, analysis, design, implementation, and support of various technologies in the IT industry
  • employ research and critical thinking for analyzing and solving organizational problems using IT solutions
  • analyze and compare the relative merits of IT systems with respect to a variety of criteria relevant to the task (i.e. efficiency, scalability, security)
  • propose solutions and apply troubleshooting strategies to deal with various technical problems

Career Opportunities:

  • Project Leader
  • Network Administrator
  • LAN Administrator
  • Computer Engineer
  • Programmer


  • Mr. Luis Cadiz – Coordinator
  • Mr. Anthony Ly B. Dagang – C, C++, RAD
  • Mr. Johnbert Estroga – PC Hardware Repair and Networking


  1. Niña L. Sinogaya says:

    May God bless our program… 🙂

  2. John Mark Gallegos says:

    Good day !

    Is it possible to get a particular subject (IT-related) to your school? Only one subject. I am currently taking a different course, not in LC, which is not revolving solely in the IT world, however an additional knowledge in IT will be a great help. It’s not part of my course syllabus. I just want to take it. Can I?

    Thank you.

    • gabkom says:

      Praised be Jesus and Mary! What subject would like to take? The prospectus are available here on the school website. Thank you.

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