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Nature of the Campus Ministry Program

“As human beings our desire to know is the deepest longing of the soul. It is a call to intimacy and belonging. When we know something we come into relationship with it. Knowing calls us out of ourselves.” – John O’Donohue, Eternal Echoes.

Hence, there is a deep inner longing to reach beyond, to discover something new.  The search for meaning in life is the basis of all the activities of the youth. This quest is spiritual though not often openly expressed and recognized. There is always a deep desire for what is good, honest truthful and loving. Hence consciously or unconsciously there is a longing for identity with the ultimate, a yearning for a meaningful experience with God.

Campus Ministry responds to this need through its ministry to every member of the whole academic community especially the youth. It is an important agent toward the development of future leaders and therefore a priority in the church and the academic community. Lourdes College Campus Ministry dedicates itself to a loving ministry of persons through its integral program that seeks to foster holistic growth and especially the personal, spiritual and moral development of the whole academic community. The program assists in empowering all to meet the vision-mission of the school.

Following the Marian-Ignacian values of love of God and humble service, the program promotes a deep personal relationship with God that invites all to a spirituality of seeking and doing God’s will in all things. It is the formation of the total person for mission.


To deepen and strengthen the Catholic faith and spiritual formation among Personnel, Faculty and Students of Lourdes College in collaboration with the Administration, Sisters, Campus Ministry and Theology teachers for a responsible witnessing in the campus and the larger community outside the school.


  1. To build a faith community by intensifying the Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC).
  2. To facilitate the school’s liturgical services for a meaningful encounter with God towards the achievement of the apostolic mission of Lourdes College.
  3. To facilitate recollections and retreats which will enhance students and personnel grow in better self-knowledge, true love of self and God who is continuously at work in their lives.
  4. To inculcate and enrich students and personnel with Marian/Ignacian values of love of God and humble service towards an authentic integral growth for the service of God’s people.
  5. To provide spiritual formation among personnel towards a deepening of their commitment to serve and work for total transformation of their clientele entrusted to their care.
  6. To offer spiritual direction, pastoral counseling, guidance and direction of life choices.
  7. To promote vocations to religious life and lay spirituality.
  8. To foster deeper awareness and involvement in social advocacies and pastoral concerns in the society and church.
  9. To upgrade and encourage the students’ volunteer catechist for evangelization.

Programs and Services

a. Sacraments

  • Eucharistic Celebrations
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Sacrament of Confirmation

b. Paraliturgical Celebration

  • Advent Celebration
  • Christmas
  • Lenten – Stations of the Cross
  • Marian related devotions:
    • Living Rosary
    • Birthday of Mary
  • Feastdays:
    • Our Lady of Lourdes
    • Assumption of Our Lady
    • Immaculate Conception

c. BEC, Retreats and Recollections, REAP Sessions

  • Personnel
  • Students
  • Alumni

d. Mother Ignacia Del Espiritu Santo

  • LPF Sessions
  • Theology Classes
  • Mother Ignacia Movement
  • Novena: March and September

e. Missions

  • Prayer
  • Channeling Donations for Mission
  • Reach-out

f. Vocation

g. Pastoral Concerns

h. Training Programs

  • Mass/Liturgical Servers
  • Eucharistic Ministers
  • Choir
  • Lectors and Commentators

i. Teams

  • Campus Ministry Coordinator
  • Theology Coordinator
  • Theology Coordinator
  • Religious Education Students
  • Moderators of Religious Clubs;
  • Legion of Mary
  • Mother Ignacia Club
  • Lourdes College Choir

j. Evaluation

  • Questionnaire
  • Impact Interview Schedule
  • Personal Evaluation


  1. Clent Daryl C. Balaba says:

    As for my own belief, a Campus Minister is not just someone who implements activities like that of recollection, retreats and other spiritual activities. He/she is the spiritual arm of the school. His/her activities as regards to the spiritual needs of the students might have been very effective and successful but if his/her character does not jive with his/her position, he/she is still not successful or effective in being a Campus Minister. A campus minister is someone whom everyone can talk to and can be consulted. He/she does not show bad moods and emotions towards his/her constituents because that does not help to the spiritual growth of a person. He/she might have been very intelligent but if his/her attitude in dealing and treating other people like approaching or talking to them is in contradiction to what he/she is supposed to act then he/she does not worth the position of being a Campus Minister. A Campus Minister is compassionate, understanding, humble, open-minded, sincere, committed, determined, spiritually healthy, Christocentric paschal spirituality person and honest. Campus Ministers who possesses such qualities are very rare now. You can’t even say that a religious or a priest possesses these qualities because they are also like us, human beings!

  2. Clent Daryl Balaba says:

    I can say that our Campus Minister now is good. I like her way of letting or inculcating into the students’ hearts and minds about the importance and significance of practicing their faith and to always attend to the MEAL which is the Holy Eucharist. She is not just spiritually competent but also she is intellectually and socially gifted. Her motivating charisma is a must- follow attitude..

  3. Cris Galendez says:

    I believe friendship is the most genuinely humane relationship of which we are capable. To be understood and appreciated for oneself is a vital experience in life.

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