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Courses Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language
  • Bachelor of Arts in Filipino Language
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Arts in History
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Music major in:
    • Piano Principal
    • Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  • Associate in Music

Graduate of the Arts and Sciences Program are expected to:

  • manifest a spiritually enriched life as a thoughtful lifelong learner and responsible citizen;
  • demonstrate a high degree of maturity, integrity and social responsibility in the exercise of his/her profession and thus contribute to the building of a just, free and humane society;
  • acquire intellectual and practical skills necessary for the workplace, and for further professional study;
  • organize thoughts and ideas for effective communication with others;
  • conduct researches and contribute new knowledge for the welfare of the community;
  • think reflectively and critically;
  • participate in local and global affairs that call for the preservation of mother earth.


Program Dean: Dr. Adora B. Velez

Full Time Faculty

  • ACEDERA, Annabelle P.
  • CANDILAS, Kurt S.
  • CUBAR, Stephen G.
  • DELA FUENTE, Ana Maria V. (Music Coordinator)
  • FANTONALGO, Myrna M.
  • ISIDRO, Marilou Carmelita C.
  • PAHANG, Delia C.
  • PIT, Noel N.




Dr. Adora B. Velez
Program Dean

Dear Arts and Sciences Students,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

As a leadership center, my vision is to sharpen these three aspirations that are fundamental elements of a great Arts and Sciences Program:

  • Building vibrant, supportive, and productive learning communities of academic excellence for students, faculty, and staff across our great diversity of fields;
  • Devoting ourselves to the core values of Mo. Ignacia del Espiritu Santo and practices of the liberal arts;
  • Seeking to be valuable citizens of our country.

In this era of fast changes and dynamism, you need to take charge. Seek out the opportunities afforded for you to fulfill your dream; don’t wait for them to knock on you. You will be personally groomed to be a good person; your exposure to various aspects of learning in this college will surely make you become a better person.

I invite you to learn more about us at our website, and how our students have grown and developed with us. Assess for yourself how you can fit into our organization.

With humble heart, I welcome you all to this school year 2012-2013!



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  1. Riengalzer says:

    nice ang new website…very competitive…congrats to the LC admin!

  2. selchan says:

    Go arts and sci..happy FIESTA!!!!!!!!!!

  3. krys says:

    My cousin really wants to study music, preferably piano. However, her parents want her to enroll in XU and take up nursing or accountancy. She’s very timid and doesn’t always say what she wants. I’m hoping that I could give her the option to still study what she wants but not disappoint her parents. She’s smart, she can do both. Is it possible to cross-enroll?

    • anthzila says:

      Hi thank you for you inquiry!

      I would recommend that your cousin should only get one course. As the saying goes, “One cannot serve two masters at the same time”. College life requires students to be full time because it requires not just academics but also extra curricular activities. So tell her to choose only one course and follow her heart. For now, if you want to discuss further details, don’t hesitate to visit the Arts and Sciences Office at Lourdes College Main Campus, Capistrano St., CDOC or call Tel Nos. (088) 8571423 or (08822) 723464, Fax No. (088) 8571487.

    • selchan says:

      Pwede man sya mag enroll og piano lesson…bisad mag kuha sya og either nursing or accountancy…just tell your cousin :)…music student man ko.. actually nai taga XU nag enroll og piano lesson.. CGE ingat 🙂

  4. dhabx kix says:

    hi 🙂 i would like to ask about the units in LC, pila ?? and ang by semester pud .. thanks 🙂

    • s-may says:

      Praised be Jesus and Mary!

      Our per unit in the undergrad level is currently at Php 500+. The total payable shall depend on the no. of units to be taken in the semester. Please feel free to visit us for more of your queries. Thank you.

  5. shix04 says:

    hi ! just want to ask kung tag pila ang semester and units sa english language coz i’m interested .. thank you and god bless ..

    • anthzila says:

      Hello! In fact, speaking of tuition fee, we are the lowest of all the high-standard schools in CDOC. Last year we only have 535.00 per unit of subject, thats 20% lower that other schools. Because we havent increased for the last 2 years, this year we increased. But its only minimal. Expect a per unit of 580.00 to 600.00 this year. However, still I can guarantee you its still the lowest. If you are looking for a name school that maintains high quality education with minimal fee, then Lourdes College is the right choice.

  6. Violin says:

    hello, I just want to inquire if you offer violin course/tutorials? My daughter plays violin. We have been searching for somebody who have knowledge of violin to upgrade my daughter’s learning in playing violin.

    Please..maybe anybody knows from CDO

    Thank You.

    • s-may says:

      Praised be Jesus and Mary!

      Yes, we do ma’am. Much better if you can visit our Music Coordinator to discuss the details. Thank you.

  7. albert says:

    gusto ko po sanang mag enroll, particularly in music paano po ba? magkano po bang babayaran lahat ng yunit tsaka, ilang klase po ba ang music course meron kayo,, kase kahit 2 years nalang kase meron na po akong bakground sa music, sana po bigyan nalang po ako ng idea kase dito po ako surigao tas’pupunta nalang po ako dyan para makapag enroll ng tuluyan sana kahit prospectus nalang po at konteng impormasyun tungkol sa napili ko kurso.. salamat po god bless….

    • s-may says:

      Praised be Jesus and Mary!

      We do have Bachelor of Music with majors in Music Education Piano Principal and Piano. But, if you want only two years we also have the Associate in Music.

      Our per unit in the undergrad level is currently at Php 500+. The total payable shall depend on the no. of units to be taken in the semester and laboratory fees whenever applicable. Approximately, around 17000+ (minimum units) to 24000+ (maximum units). Thank you.

      • noel says:

        hi ! pwede po bang mag apply in associate in music kahit di pa ako marunong tumugtug ng piano?

        • Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona says:

          Praised be Jesus and Mary! Yes, you may apply still in the said course even if you don’t know yet how to play the said instrument. Thank you!

      • jino says:

        hello po! pwede ko mag kuha sa music course bisan dli pa kabalo mag piano ?tnx

        • Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona says:

          Praised be Jesus and Mary! Yes, you may apply still in the said course even if you don’t know yet how to play the said instrument. Thank you!

  8. gladys nacalaban says:

    hi po.. just wanna ask how much is the tuition fee for BS Psychology??

    • anthzila says:

      Hello. The tuition fee for BS Psychology depends on the number of units, laboratories you enroll in a semester. The regular tuition for 27 units of subject or more or less 21K.

  9. gladys says:

    how much po ba ang downpayment?

    • anthzila says:

      The downpayment is 1K.

      • ronron says:

        pwede mg enroll sa music ,dili raba ko kabalo mag basa og notes or sheetmusic ?

        • Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona says:

          Praised be Jesus and Mary! Yes, you can still enroll in the Music Program even if you are still a beginner and/or you will still learn. Your professors will teach you how to read notes and play musical instruments from the music sheets. Thank you very much!

  10. Bebang says:

    Hello, I just wanna inquire if you offer violin course?

  11. Lucille says:

    hello, how much is the tuition fee for Associate in Music major in Piano? Please send me the curriculum also and course description. Thank you!

  12. Zara says:

    Hello, I would to inquire about the tuition fee per unit for Bachelor of Science in Psychology? Thanks!

    • anthzila says:

      Hi the tuition fee per unit is 600 plus. For further inquiries, pls visit our finance office for the complete tuition listing.

  13. John says:

    pwede kaha ko mo skwela dri?? gagmay man ako academics sa ako highschool uiep.. but interesado man ko sa piano.. mao jud ni ako gi pangarap nga course..

    ma’am, how much is the payment per unit?
    mag take pako og exam ani? tnx..

    • anthzila says:

      Hi, yes welcome kaayu ka diri. Pls visit us so that we can evaluate you. Our per unit now is 578.15 for minor subjects and 600.02 for major subjects. Miscellaneous and other fees is 6K plus. It depends on the the number of units emu e-enroll per semester. usually everysem moabot na 16 to 22K.

      • janjan says:

        hello ^^ , pwede ko mag apply sa music course bisan dli pako kabalo mag play og piano?

        • Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona says:

          Praised be Jesus and Mary! Yes, you may apply still in the said course even if you don’t know yet how to play the said instrument. Thank you!

      • edna says:

        pwede kaha mo enroll sa music bahalag dli kabalo mag piano?

        • Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona says:

          Praised be Jesus and Mary! Yes, you may enroll in our Music Program even if you don’t know yet how to use it. Our competent, compassionate, and caring teachers will teach you how. Thank you!

  14. John says:

    when will I take the entrance exam?

  15. L.D. says:

    Hello, about two years ago I visited your campus to inquire about your Library Science course. I even took the exam, passed it, and spoke to someone in charge there. The problem was that I was torn between taking a job offer and going back to school (I already have an Arts degree from another university). In the end I ended up taking the job, which only turned out to be for a contractual position. Now I am thinking of studying Library Science. May I ask how long the course lasts? If you could also give me an estimate of the total amount of money required to finish the course, I would be much obliged.

    • anthzila says:

      Hi, the best thing you should do is to come here so that we can evaluate your TOR better. We will check the subjects you already took and see if it can be credited. BS Library Science is expected to be finished in four years. And if your subjects, which I am sure will be credited specially the minor ones you can finish this course in 2 to 3 years. Talking about financial matters, the tuition is computed according to the number of subject units you enrolled. Regularly, per semester is 24 to 30 units, that would cost you around 16 to 20K. For more details, pls dont hesitate to visit us so that we can serve you better.

  16. John says:

    Hello again, I would like to ask if the entrance exam is necessary. I have no time to inquire for this time. My location is in Valencia, Bukidnon. I would like also to ask if the entrance exam is for evaluation purposes only or should I require to pass the entrance exam before I can enroll in this institution?.. thank you..

    • anthzila says:

      Hi. The results of your exam is our evaluation tool on what course that is right for you. It does not mean that if you did not pass the exam, we will not enroll you. But we will strongly advise you to take the course that is right for you. We will still give you a chance to take your preferred course if your will and interest convince us. Furthermore, pls dont hesitate to visit us so that we can serve you better.

  17. ein raal says:

    can you please give me some information or Ads regarding BSND, or Board passers results? or anything that can encourage me to take BSND at your school.thanks.

  18. gico iway says:

    thanks for the promotion of this program. i hope that we can do more to teach the students who are under this program.

    • Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona says:

      Thank you for the affirmation.In Lourdes College, we are giving the best education for the students. We hope more will avail of our programs. Thank you!

      • miko says:

        hello good morning ^-^ ask ko lang kung may requirement ba sa music course? gusto ko talaga ang music pero di ako marunong mag play especially on piano pero gusto ko talagang matuto , pangarap kong maging musician or music teacher balang araw at gusto kong mag enroll ngayong taon sa Lourdes College yun nga lang di ako marunong mag play ng instrument .
        godbless ^^..

        • Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona says:

          Praised be Jesus and Mary!

          Thank you for your inquiry regarding our Music Program. As to your concerns, only the basic requirements are needed which are enumerated in the Admission Requirements Menu in this website. The school accepts students who are still to learn piano. Our Music instructors will be happy to accommodate and teach you the aforementioned instrument.

          Thank you very much and may the Love of God be your reward!

  19. Ms. VG Magpantay says:

    good day!
    I would like to send an invite to the seminar course on kodaly methodology of teaching music to children in the Philippine setting. May I get the email address to whom i can send it? Thanks!

    • Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona says:

      Praised be Jesus and Mary!

      Please send your invitation to lc@lccdo.edu.ph. We will study your proposal and shall inform you regarding our response to it.

      Thank you very much and may the Love of God be your reward!

  20. Ms. VG Magpantay says:

    Hope you consider endorsing our seminar. It is sponsored by the kodaly Society of the Philippines. Thank you!

  21. Markiez says:


    May I request for a course outline on BM Piano Principal? As well as, the how much per semester would cost.


  22. Sams says:

    Hello, ask lang ko. dghan nag kuha ug AB HISTORY sa LC?

    • Kriscentti Exzur Barcelona says:

      Praised be Jesus and Mary!

      Please be informed that AB History in LC is temporarily frozen. However, Mass Com and English AB courses are still operational. Thank you!

  23. Angel says:

    Hi, i wanna ask kung magkano ang dietetics per semester?? Ty

  24. ive caballero says:

    hello maam\sir
    gud day, i just want to ask kung ga offer pa japun mu ug library science until now??

  25. ive caballero says:

    im a second year student here in CMU taking up BSED English .,,.gusto unta q mag transfer and take library science,do i need to take an entrance exam?may i know wen ang enrolment ??

    • gabkom says:

      Praised be Jesus and Mary! Yes, you have to take an entrance exam; enrollment is ongoing and the minimum required payment for enrolling is P1,000.

  26. Hi, is there a possible way to reach your great students who wants to work abroad? We are in need of Piano and Violin teachers po kasi bound to Muscat, Oman. I am working with UltimateSkills Philippines, Inc. Our facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/ultimateskillsglobal. For verifications, please go to poea.gov.ph, thank you very much.

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