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Graduate Studies

The Graduate Programs at Lourdes College aspire to develop the spiritual and intellectual potential of students so that they model lifelong approaches to learning and to service.  The school emphasizes education of the mind, heart and spirit, thus developing in them the Profession of Presence.  Profession of  Presence implies the manifestation of competence and commitment in their personal and professional lives.  The Graduate School aims to produce value-laden professionals who demonstrate expertise in their field, make use of research in making sound decisions and respond to the diverse needs of the people they are serving with their transforming presence.

Undergraduate Programs

Arts and Sciences

The Arts of Sciences Program aims of its graduates to be competent, cultured and integrated individual, imbued with Christian attitudes and values and motivated to seek academic, personal and professional excellence enabling him/her to make a stance to effect positive change. A Lourdesian Arts and Sciences student distinctly places priority on the integrative development and cultivation of the human potential. It also aims to find innovative ways to present methodological approaches in teaching and increase opportunities for faculty and students to share in their research and scholarship.

Business and Accountancy

The goal of Accountancy and Business Program is to prepare values-centered professionals committed to an entrepreneurial spirit, ethical focus, and global orientation. The Program ensures that students acquire essential understanding of key accounting and business principles and theories.Entrepreneurial ideas are discussed and developed into business applications to aid in the understanding that sound business and monetary plans will create successful businesses. Program provides opportunities for students to participate in business and accounting-oriented organizations to develop their leadership and management skills as future business leaders.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Program aims to provide a solid knowledge of the field and prepares students to take industry-standard certification exams for certifications from TESDA. It upholds the tradition of excellence embodied by the Marian-Ignacian education. We emphasize on actual implementation of theories and of project-oriented and real world environment, equipping its students to become tomorrow’s leaders in industry, academe, and government. The Bachelor of Information Technology is taught using a hands-on, reality-based approach to education, in which students apply what they learn in class to solve real-life problems.

Hotel and Restaurant Management

The Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management program integrates theory and practice to provide you with a strong management and service orientation as well as a global perspective of hotel and restaurant operations. It nurtures your passion for food and its preparation. You will learn to work in a professional kitchen using the latest tools and equipment to prepare various ingredients while observing sanitation, safety, and hygiene.


The aim of the College of Nursing is to prepare nurses who are scientifically informed, technically, socially aware, appreciative of one’s culture and deeply committed to carry out their professional and individual responsibilities in accordance with Christian ideals by providing for:  The acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to function as self-directing persons and committed professional nurse practitioners.  The continued total development of the individual; The development of the potential qualities for leadership, research and teaching.

Teacher Education

The Teacher Education program believes that success in the teaching profession depends partly on the prospective teacher’s broad foundation of liberal education upon which to build her professional training. A general course of study provides this foundation in the freshmen year at the Freshmen Division.  As early as the second year, the students are given opportunities to be aware of the realities of teaching through guided exposure activities and observation of school situations aligned with the foundation courses they are taking.

Social Work

The Social Work Program seeks to develop n the students the skills and competencies essential  for social work practice.   These include the art of listening, creating professional helping relationships, research interpretation, inter-organizational liason services and case work.  This course is designed to prepares students for effective social services to individuals, families, groups, communities and societies so that social functioning may be enhanced and quality of life improved.

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