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9 Nursing Students receive their Cap, Badge

Scenes from the Nursing cap and badge ceremony.

Scenes from the Nursing cap and badge ceremony.

“Molding Lourdesians Nurses’ Caring Hands with Faith, Excellence, and Service” is the theme of the 16th Cap, Badge and Candle Lighting Ceremony of the Nursing Program held at the Lourdes College Chapel on July 15, 2017.

Nine nursing students were capped and badged during the ceremony, namely: Donnabelle O. Alvarado, Ednichson O. Alpas, Neil Ryan Y. Barroa, Cherry Anne S. Estrada,  Dayanara P. Gunitaran, Larah Tricia Karmela Q. Jadman, Roselle Mae C. Maglangit, Rodel Jane C. Retalla and Marlon S. Sural.

Nursing as a Calling

The significant event began at exactly 9:00 in the morning with the Eucharistic celebration presided by Rev. Fr. Mark Anthony Maambong, FdCC. In his homily, he emphasized that they must bring God within them. He added that when God is present, values will follow.  He reminded them that their role is to take care of life and the patient doesn’t only need medicine but also, the tender touch. “You are there because God sent you there– for a particular purpose,” he said.

Cap, Badge and Candle

The nursing students who are capped and badged have completed their academic requirements prior to the start of their hospital training.

The white nursing cap symbolizes the goal of nursing, that is, to provide “humble service to those in need”. It is also a sign of the nurses’ ageless values of care, dedication, honesty, and humble service.

The badge, on the other hand, is a symbol for men needed by society to perform essential care duties. It recognizes male nurses as a step above ordinary men and gives them status as educated, trained, and experienced in the field of caring.

The ceremonial lighting of the lamp is a symbolic gesture of the student nurses’ dedication to their nursing profession. It further symbolizes their care and devotion in administering to the sick and injured in the practice of nursing.

The Ceremony

Dr. Norma Simborio, Dean of Nursing Program, capped and invested the badges to the sophomore nurses.

The newly badged and capped student nurses recited their Nurse’s Prayer and Nightingale’s Pledge. At the concluding part, they sang their class hymn, “Class Song Rainbow”.

The smile on their faces indicated that the ceremony ended successfully and they are no ready for the noble ministry of caring for the sick through the Nursing Profession. (Deah T. Pagara- Blue Sash College Correspondent)

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