LC BED Celebrates Buwan ng Wika

August 1, 2011—Buwan ng Wika was launched by the KISLAP Club headed by Mr. Rey P. Valmores, the high school moderator of KISLAP and Ms. Mary Ann Sabornido, the grade school moderator. The KISLAP club prepared activities in line with this year’s theme: “Ang Filipino ay Wikang Panlahat, Ilaw at Lakas sa Tuwid na Landas.” The culminating activity was held last August 26, 2011 at the HS Gymnasium. The winners of each category for the High School Department are as follows:

Paligsahan sa Pagsusulat ng Sanaysay
Upper Level

1st place – Gladys Faith Ang-og (3 – Saint Anthony)

2nd place – Trishna Tubal (4 – Saint Andrew)
3rd place – Jewel Sarina Rodriguez (3 – Saint Bonaventure)

Lower Level
1st place – Keisha Bagares (2 – Saint Bartholomew)
2nd place – Juliene Nicolle Millares (1 – Saint Beatrice)
3rd place – Lady Diane Carion (2 – Saint Agnes)

Paligsahan sa Paggawa ng Poster-Islogan

Upper Level
1st place – Joule Gimena (3 – Saint Clement)

2nd place – Annie Villanueva (4 – Humility)
3rd place – April Grace Tato (3 – Saint Bonaventure)

Lower Level
1st place – Hyacinth Colance (2 – Courage)
2nd place – Julie Jean Tolo (1 – Faith)
3rd place – Ramon Semaña (2 – Saint Agnes)

Paligsahan sa Sabayang Pag-awit ng Awiting Pinoy

Upper Level
1st place – 4 – Saint Bridget

2nd place – 3 – Saint Clement
3rd place – 4 Humility


Paligsahan sa Pagbigkas

Lower Level
1st place – 1 – Saint Cyril
2nd place – 2 – Courage
3rd place – 2 – Saint Agnes
written by Elaine Grace Agcopra and Phorfer Carol Recentes


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